Destination development

Simply selecting a destination for the holidays is not enough. A destination in itself can not promote products, attractions and experiences of visitors to impress him. There is always a need to promote a product, from people with experience in the region and in the management of destinations.

The destination development is a continuous process of seeking, coordination and selection of the best products, amenities, facilities and services provided by businesess hospitality and entertainment, to offer the best possible quality and experience to visitors. Managing destinations development is fundamental to the successful 'Apply' tourism management.

Greece is undoubtedly a popular tourist destination and is regarded as a rapidly-developing and health tourist destination, like all emerging destinations, has a number of advantages over the others.

Spinalonga, Crete Island

Events development

We develop an appropriate set of events aimed at improving the economic impact of tourism and enhancing the visitor experience. The development of events focuses on marketable events that stimulate the arrivals of visitors to Greece every summer including cultural, sports and other related events.

Hotels in Crete

Tourism related infrastructure management

We manage the development of infrastructure related to tourism so that all connected areas (environmental and cultural significance) be designed to enhance the guest experience and to improve the economic impact and promotion of the tourist destination.