Excursions - Crete

The excursions and guided tours in a region is one of the most important things to do a visitor. An excursion must be properly organized and to have prevented all possible situations that could cause problems for visitors. The tour and entertainment of visitors should be flawless and it can accommodate any possible claim that may arise.

We and our partners can offer their most popular picnic destinations:


Elafonissi is in South - West Crete and become a very popular destination for holidaymakers .It access to this corner of paradise by car, bus or boat. The main attraction for most tourists is the unique sensation of being in a lagoon in the South Seas in the Mediterranean. Even equally impressive is the wild beauty and the desert landscape. The summer sun loungers dense along the beach and hundreds of people enjoy the warm waters of the lagoon. Walk to the island in water not exceed the height of the knee. There are many small beaches on the south side of the water is generally quite shallow and safe for children. At the western end of the island there is a cape with a small lighthouse, and the chapel a little higher from where you can get an excellent view of the entire region.

Chrissi island

Chrissi island is almost flat, characterized by the huge number of shells of the north coast, gold sand, turquoise waters and the beautiful forest of cedars. The maximum length of 5 km. And an average width of 1 km. The highest point is the hill that reaches 31m. On the hill the visitor can admire from above the rare cedar forest on the island which covers an area of 350 acres with trees with average age of 200 years old. In the western part of the island, the visitor can visit the church of St. Nicholas (built around the 13th century), the old salt pan which still gathers salt, the carved tombs of the Roman period, the ancient breakwater and lighthouse. The marine wealth of the island are beautiful. The fossils that have been found on volcanic rocks dating from 70000-350000 years ago, when the island was submerged in water.


A chance to visit the amazing 4000 years old Minoan Palace and enjoy the tour learning the history of the first civilization in Europe and the legendary home of the Minotaur. Greek mythology is rooted and in the Minoan culture and the palace of Knossos many popular stories such as the famous myth of Theseus and the Minotaur. Listen legends and Greek folklore and see the palace of attractions, such as the Throne Room, the Minoan frescoes with sacred mythical monsters. Wander through the Central Court and admire attractions including the Grand Staircase. View an impressive mural by looting bulls, and explore the corridors and labyrinthine alleys leading to interesting rooms such as the theater district - a position that may have been sometime theater.

Santorini Daily Cruise

He would have heard or have seen pictures of the most famous islands in the world. Navigate to the volcanic islands of the caldera will have the opportunity to experience the wild beauty of a volcano that changed thousands of years ago the history of Mediterranean civilizations. Oia village is known as the best place on the island to watch the sunset, with roads stacked on the side of the cliffs and spectacular views of the caldera. See the old ruins of the old castle, known as the "Castle of Oia" Also you can watch the beautiful sunset, one of the most beautiful in the world with a glass of wine under the rock of the caldera. Wander the monasteries, some of them have been built in the 11th century and contain priceless sculptures and jewelry.